Ring Around Romance

January 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31, February 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, and 9

TIME: The late 1940s.

PLACE: Oak Bank, Manitoba. Home of the first and last all-girl radio station, and the very famous ringing, swinging Jim’s Gym. (The right place for your New Year workouts!)

ACT 1: Come with us as we enter the world of the wireless. Radio broadcasting at its best! Swimming through the air waves  we encounter the turbulence of the Three Bear Opponents in a sleazy auberge. But – is there a Goldilocks? Oh yes, indeed – the songstress of the station beats Bertha to the punch in the world of love. But listen! We are on the air! Does the Oak Bank Planning Committee, under the indecisive leadership of its fashion conscious Mayor, know just what is accelerating towards Saturday Night? Stay tuned to our broadcast!

ACT 2: Romance in the ring is hotting up, but, alas, the couples seem to have changed partners. The air waves are rolling on overload with frantic females fostering fear. Saturday night looms ahead. Entering the ring, with rippling torsos, our sport heroes display their latest outfits. This is not Hockey Night in Canada, folks – but close to it! For more information stay on the line – WGAL never disconnects.

MENU – Bertha de Blooze Café

  • Mushroom Soup…”Willie Beatum” to the pot for seconds?
  • Dinner Rolls…”Lottie Doe” in these squeezables!! It’ll help the “Arthur Itis”!
  • Barron of Beef (fresh from the “Jim Locker”)…you’ll definitely want to “Tara Boneapart” once you taste this!
  • Horseradish…this hot stuff will give you “Squinty Peepers”!
  • Roast Potatoes…big “Buck N. Vestor”ed in these gems. Smother them in “Doug’s Grave”y
  • Corn…a real “Rhoda Rooter”!
  • Carrots…”Dr. Linda Neer” says these are good for the eyesight!
  • “Death By Chocolate” Dessert…a real “Belle Ringer” to satisfy your sweet tooth! “Mort Ripley” says, “dig in”!
  • Tea/Coffee…”Kent de Syde” which one to have? Enjoy a cup of each!
  • An “Yves Dropper” said there’ll be some “Ruthless” sweets on your table later!
  • Bar Refreshments…don’t be getting your “Hedda Fuller-Eyre” especially if you’re driving!


Willy Beatum Mark Kroeker
Lottie Doe Desiree Rayner
Tara Boneapart Donna Chapko
Rowdy Ruthless Doug Zawada
Evileen Ruthless Nettie Rayner
Hedda Fuller-Eyre Shirley Gibb
Rhoda Rooter Fairlie Argle
Yves Dropper Dave Rayner
Dr. Linda Neer Vera Bracken
Jim Locker Don Carruthers
Squinty Peepers Lindsay Kyle
Belle Ringer Christine Robinson
Mayor Kent de Syde Gerry Elliott
Buck N. Vestor Allan Doern
Mort Ripley Terry Gibb
Doug Graves Lawrie Kyle
Bertha de Blooze Irene Peters
Father Arthur Itis Park Munro
…and a Special Guest Star
Music Arline & Norv Christopherson
Masters of Ceremony Ken Fanstone, Greg Humphries, Patty Kavanagh


Producers Norv Christopherson, Donna McLeod,
Marcia Kroeker
Director Jane Burpee
Script Assistant Donalda Matity
Stage Managers Ian Reid, Michael Robinson
Props & Sets Myriam Matwiy, Marcia Kroeker
Lighting & Audio Dave Matity
Treasurer Jan Fanstone
Food Kim & Ian Reid, Barb Kyle, Ardith Cook,
Shari Rogerson, Jan Fanstone, Bev Humphries,
Michael Robinson
Servers Pam Buhr
Clean Up/Set Up Barb Zawada
Dishes Barb Munro
Refreshments Dennis McLeod
Costume Coordinators Shirley Gibb, Irene Peters
Wigs Mariel Gobeil
Sewing Coordinator Karen Hunt
Make-up Coordinators Sandra Robinson, Donalda Matity
Ticket Sales & Door Greeters Mario & Cindy Chaput
Programs & Ticket Printing Kelly & Darren Dueck
Hospitality Room Pat McIntyre, Eleanor Marland
Parking David MacLean
Cast Rep Fairlie Argle
Senior Tickets Shirley Marshall
Videographer Gord Park

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