The Nein to Five Pet Store and Hotel is in the doghouse. The gold has run out and all the miners have left town, leaving their animals behind. Poor, sweet Polly Purina and her grandpa are struggling to make ends meet, overrun with animals, and about to lose their home and business. A handsome animal rights advocate, Hugh Kandoit, is always bringing them more animals and although his heart is in the right place he’s no golden goose.

Hope is restored when Ray Beeze and Kitty Litter arrive, a veterinarian and his assistant, to stay at the hotel, but what are they really after? Are they who they say they are, or a snake in the grass? Add a zany load of towns folk, the arrival of the stagecoach containing bickering passengers with a famous, priceless dog and they’ll be howling live at the Nein to Five.


Hugh Kandoit played by Allan Doern
Polly Purina played by Nettie Rayner
Clay Nein played by Dave Rayner
Mort Gudge played by Tim Proskurnik
Barnaby Blacksheep played by Doug Zawada
Sammy Squirrel played by Lindsay Kyle
Suzy Squirrel played by Ardith Cook
Cattle Clare played by Maureen McCartney/ Kristin Woodburke
Kitty Litter played by Fairlie Argle
Ray Beeze played by Dave Matity
Ida Gree played by Mark Kroeker
Patty Gree played by Lawrie Kyle
Shelia Gree played by Carolyn Lintott
Charlie Horse played by Gerry Elliott
April May June played by Val Arklie