When a busload of passengers is stranded by a blizzard in uptown Cooks Creek, they find their way to an old grotto in the woods, now St John’s Monastery, where Abbot John Cedric provides them lodging for the night. Unfortunately, he soon realizes that among his guests is likely the serial killer known as “Just John” whose victims are all named John! This is bad news, for many of the guests and residents of the monastery are named John! Before the night is over, the killer strikes! Which person from the bus could be Just John? The college professor? The newspaper columnist? The caretaker? Providing laughs as well as suspense, Just John is a light hearted mystery comedy that reveals the very human side of monks as they attempt to stay one step ahead of a killer.

Casting for “Just John”

Abbot John Cedric (stern, but good hearted): Gerry Elliott
Brother John Thomas (cheerful, sense of humour): Lawrie Kyle
Brother John Martin (breezy, outgoing): Doug Zawada
Brother John Aaron (sweet old man): Tim Proskurnik

Hilda (surly, unkempt): Nettie Rayner

Colleen McDougall (tough, police detective): Joyce Phillips
Larry Evans (retired teacher and former priest): Park Munro
Mary J. Bishop (university student): Johanna Pops
David Lewis (university professor): Dave Rayner
Erik Kincaid (self entitled actor): Mark Kroeker
John McDonald (man with a secret): Al Doern
Jennifer Stacey (newspaper columnist): Marleen Jonker
Torch (member of heavy metal band): Terry Gibb

Ryan Wallace (university student): Neil Jonker