It is 1967, the summer of love and mystery. The world’s top spies have been called together to go undercover in Manitoba. The mission? Find and stop the evil archvillian, Silverthumb as he plots to take over the world. Will the spies be able to work together and discover the identity of Silverthumb? Will they foil his evil plan before he gets into all of our minds? Will James Blond get the girl again? Come, spy on the spies and learn the world’s fate.


Carter Flint – Al Doern
Frank Nutmeg – Park Munro
Dr Schlock – Tim Proskurnik
Carley Schlock – Barb MacLean
Boris – Doug Zawada
Natasha – Irene Peters
Sir Sly Silverthumb – Mark Kroeker 
Kitty Kat – Bobbie Tucker
James Blond – Dave Matity
Penny Nickel – Nettie Rayner
Y – Bob Conarroe
U – Val Arklie
Maxwell Sharp – Gerry Elliott
98.6 – Shirley Gibb
Josephine Solo – Christine Robinson
Ella Curiosity – Fairlie Argle
Axel Greeze – Andrew Bertram
Gargoyle – Lawrie Kyle
. . . – Dave Rayner
Figure in Black – ???